OKTOPUS is not new to the Danish market - and we have known and serviced OKTOPUS products for many years. In 2021, we finally got independent sales partner status and thus became part of a worldwide dealer network. It gave us direct access to the manufacturer's knowledge bank and a team of skilled advisers who, with in-depth knowledge and experience, can help us when the task requires an extra layer.

The functional and flexible OKTOPUS portfolio is produced by the experienced German manufacturer Wirth, which since its foundation in 1992 has developed a large quality product program that has secured the company a position as one of Europe's leaders in the field.

The quality is top-notch, the level of detail in place – and at Lissner we see OKTOPUS as a perfect choice for the busy Danish construction sector, as well as for the logistics industry and the glass and window industry, where they improve the efficiency of internal material transport and automation of work processes and thus internal optimization.

OKTOPUS is a range of unique products that can be combined into complete systems for handling a wide range of materials:

Vacuumsug, which matches the requirements when installing roof, wall, ceiling and facade elements such as sandwich elements, corrugated sheets and glazing. We work with both OKTOPUS Glas-Jacks and Panel-Jacks – specialized and targeted for the task.

Balanceåg with a lifting capacity from 800 to 12,000 kg, which i.a. can work under covers, overhangs, balconies, etc.

And last but not least letvægtkransystemer og søjle- og væghængte svingkraner, which are flexible and effective solutions.

Since the start of the official collaboration, we have experienced an increasing and focused demand, which we meet with thorough and in-depth knowledge directly from Wirth, who from day 1 has equipped us to deliver targeted guidance in connection with an investment as well as a competent and present after sales service.

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