The fire and rescue lifts from BRONTO SKYLIFT have been a priority part of our product range for many years. Despite naturally limited sales, we constantly focus on maintaining and strengthening our top skills in service, inspection and repairs - and the close dialogue with fire and rescue crews across the country.

Finnish BRONTO SKYLIFT's many years of experience with very different customers, all with extreme safety requirements, makes the company an inspiring partner that understands unique needs and meets even the most specific requests.

And then we like that BRONTO SKYLIFT operates with at least a 25-year warranty on spare parts – in parallel with the fact that they offer product support and training, service visits and assistance when upgrading and modernizing older products, which gives your investment a unique future perspective.

In other words: BRONTO SKYLIFT is synonymous with compact maneuverability in extreme conditions, where seconds can be decisive, for many years to come!

Read more about BRONTO SKYLIFT on the company's official website website and feel free to contact us for a detailed dialogue...